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Kettlewell Fuels Top Tips

We have created a number of TOP TIPS to share our know-how, we hope you find them useful. 

Good basic knowledge can go a long way to ensuring your oil system runs smoothly and cost-effectively, and that you stay warm and comfortable not just in the winter months but throughout the year.

Keeping your domestic oil tank in tip-top condition

We all know that domestic oil tanks will need to be replaced at some point so it's worth keeping it in tip-top condition to make sure you maximise its lifespan.  Click here to find out more.


TOP TIPS Digital Monitor video

Click here to watch our TOP TIPS Video - Digital Level Monitor for heating Oil

How to use a digital heating monitor

This useful TOP TIPS guide provides all the advice you’ll need, from how to manage and use your digital monitor, which type of digital monitor to choose, where to locate it as well as handy guidance on how to ensure you always have sufficient heating oil in your tank.

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TOP TIPS Check Your Oil video

Click here to watch our TOP TIPS Video - How to Measure your Oil

Kettlewell Fuels Measure your oil

How to Measure your Oil

Avoid running out of heating oil, costly damage to your boiler and the need for an emergency delivery with our TOP TIPS on how to measure the oil in your tank. 

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Kettlewell Fuels Easy Order

Making it Easy to Order your Heating Oil

We hope these TOP TIPS will help when it comes to making your next heating oil order. 

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 Kettlewell Fuels Look after your tank

How to Look After your Oil Tank

Here at Kettlewell Fuels we like to help our customers manage and maintain their oil tanks all-year-round.

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Kettlewell Fuels Winter Weather

Top Tips for Winter Weather

A few simple TOP TIPS to help make sure you stay warm during the cold winter weather.

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TOP TIPS to share our
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