How to look after your oil tank

Top Tips

Here at Kettlewell Fuels we like to help our customers manage and maintain their oil tanks all-year-round.

Good basic knowledge can go a long way to ensuring your oil system runs smoothly and cost-effectively, and that you stay warm and comfortable not just in the winter months but throughout the year.

We hope you find out Top Tips useful.

Check your stock of oil

Keep approximately 12 inches of oil in the bottom of your tank. If you allow your tank to run too low, you run the risk of disrupting the sediment that settles at the tank's base. This can clog up your supply pipe and lead to costly repairs

Look out for leaks

Check your tank, pipes and other equipment for leaks, damage and interference. Any problems should be fixed as soon as possible by an (OFTEC) technician.

Arrange an annual boiler and tank service

Arrange for the boiler and tank to be serviced at least once a year by an (OFTEC) technician to ensure they are running efficiently. This should also include any undergound pipe work. Think about doing this in the summer months so any maintenance issues can be sorted for when you need your heating most.

Consider upgrading

If you have an older boiler, you may want to upgrade to a modern condensing oil boiler as this will reduce fuel consumption by around 20 per cent, cutting fuel costs significantly.

Check your fuel distributor's credentials

Ensure you order your heating oil from an FPS Member who adheres to the FPS Code of Practice. Rest assured, Kettlewell Fuels is a member.

Spread the cost

If you have difficulty in paying for your whole order in advance, look into cost-effective ways to help you do this. Most oil distribution companies offer monthly payment schemes

Stay secure

Although oil theft is rare, please check your oil tank is as secure as possible. Measures you can take include installing a tank lock, an alarm that goes off if your tank leaks, CCTV and security lights.

 Check your insurance is up-to-date

Make sure that your insurance policy covers your oil tank - most home insurance policies do not include this in the standard cover. You need to be covered for loss of fuel through theft and oil spills.

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Oil Tank Maintenance

Here at Kettlewell Fuels we like to help our customers manage and maintain their oil tanks all-year-round.

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