Kettlewell Fuels Expands Delivery Fleet

We've added two new tankers and a Tank in a Van to our fleet, creating greater capacity and even more flexibility when it comes to delivering across the region - even the remotest parts.

We've recently taken delivery of two DAF four-wheeler tankers that have been specified to meet the company's requirements. Both tankers have a larger capacity and are able to take 9,300 litres compared with our other four-wheelers.

The new tankers also have a much more efficient pumping system, making the whole delivery process even smoother.

Always looking to develop the business, Janet Kettlewell explains:

"The two new DAF tankers will deliver market-leading efficiency for us as a business, giving us even more flexibility within our already versatile fleet.

"We also like to ensure our drivers are looked after in terms of comfort. I'm pleased to say we've had some great feedback from them - apparently the new tankers are comfortable and nice to drive too."

Commenting on the other addition to the fleet, Janet says:

"It's important to us that we offer an agile customer service and to help us do this we've adapted a vehicle to hold a 400-litre oil dispensing tank.

"Known as our Tank in a Van, this vehicle will enable us to make small emergency deliveries and quickly respond to customers in need."

We're now in a very good position going into winter, as our expanded fleet will provide us with greater delivery capacity.

We've noticed recently that more customers are choosing to support local businesses; it's been a busy time. Our large fleet will definitely help when the inevitable cold snap arrives.



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