Oil remains cheapest off grid fuel option

For off grid homeowners it’s good news again when comparing heating oil with other fuels.

The latest quarterly update issued in April 2018 by the Sutherland Tables, a recognised independent source of comparative UK domestic heating prices, shows that the annual cost of heating a typical three bedroom home on oil, using a condensing boiler is now £1,143 per annum– much cheaper than any renewable options.  

For example, if you’re running an air source heat pump through a radiator system it will be costing a comparative £1,685 and for an LPG condensing boiler, £1,567.

As always Kettlewell Fuels continues to ensure its customers benefit from the company’s Price Promise, Janet Kettlewell explains:

“We understand your need for competitively priced fuel and would like to reassure you that we aim to keep prices consistently competitive - never inflating during difficult times or when customers order at short-notice. 

Plus the benefit of an experienced team with a wealth of product and technical knowledge, able to provide advice and assistance when it’s required. 

“Also, as a reminder this is a good time of year to get your tank serviced – whilst things are a little quieter.”

FREE Tank Inspection

Our expert oil tank partner, Northern Tank Services, offers a FREE tank inspection.

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